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Cult Diary (Week 1, 2019)

Here we are, going back to the medium that started my journey into the wonderful world of wine, the blog. I first started blogging about wine, this time about 12 years ago in 2006 under the title 'The Wine Wanker' after writing for student media about the arts and discovering wine while working in the hospitality industry. To a degree, blogging was my entry into the world of wine as I was one of the few in NZ at the time, I was young and had a different voice to conventional wine media and for some reason people actually wanted to read what I wrote. Jump forward 12 years and I am a partner with a small share in a restaurant group, have two books (soon three) under my belt, have Cult Wine which despite challenges has celebrated its third Christmas in business and am involved with Te Aro Wine, an urban winery here in Wellington that hopefully will change (and add to) how people engage with wine here in New Zealand. And thats not to mention my personal ups and downs of which there were many.

I'm going to try and update this weekly with some of the minutiae of running an online retail wine business. This will include everything from the ins and outs of planning and running events, tasting and listing wine, choosing wines for customers, juggling all of the things one needs to juggle. I will try and be as honest as possible without cutting off my nose to spite my face which to be fair, I had done many times while learning about this whole world of wine, writing and communicating. 

This week has been pretty chill however, the first few days were public holidays (1 and 2 January) followed by Thursday and Friday which didn't allow that much time for shipping et cetera. Monday will be especially busy as I both get back on the horse and pack a bunch of orders that came in over the break. In the mean time please check out our first few podcasts over on Soundcloud, we'll be talking to more wine folk this year too.  


Have a great week,