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Our Descriptions

We tend to be a little less than traditional in our descriptions of wine here at Cult but we do have a few little terms we tend to throw around in relation to some of our favourite bottles. You will tend to see these in bold in the wine descriptions. 

Natural - In short, grown without chemicals and made with minimal intervention. For a longer definition read here.

Lo-Fi - This is a pragmatic category for wines that may not live up to all the standards of natural wine but are made with the same ethos. For instance depending on where they come from many young winemakers may not have access to organic fruit, we still think there is a place for these wines. 

Smashable - These wines go down easy... TOO EASY. Perfect drinking for a sunny afternoon or even a rainy one. 

MindFuck Alert - These are wines that really break the boundaries and challenge the very notion of what wine can and should be. 

Classic - Hero's of the genre and long regarded as some of the finest examples of the particular style. 

Future Classic - Wines we think are as good if not better than the classics and may end up usurping them in the end. 


Other terms we throw about:
Winegrower - Someone who both grows grapes and makes wine from them. 

Grower - Synonymous 'winegrower' especially in reference to Port, Champagne, Cognac or wines from other regions that tend to be dominated by large houses. Growers are the unusual rogues who buck the trend and do things the hard way, themselves. 


A note on the term 'Cult Wine'
Cult Wine is a term used first to refer to certain wines from California (the term has now been co-opted by the rest of the wine world) that are command extremely high prices largely due to the fact they are made in tiny volumes. We use it with our tongues planted firmly in our cheeks because while the vast majority of the wines we stock are made in small volumes they needn't be expensive, in-fact we actively avoid stocking wines over around $150.