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2016 Hummel Harslevelu

2016 Hummel Harslevelu

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This wine is made in Villany, in the south-west of Hungary which is now the leading red-wine region of Hungary. The terroir as comparable to no other European or non-European wine region as it has both continental and oceanic influence. In regards to the soil it is calcareous, mineral loess with a uniquely high magnesium content, which is responsible for a fine, animating bitterness in the Villány wines. The wines are farmed biodynamically are made with the minimum of interventions and bottled with only a judicious sulfur addition. 

This is a wine that can only be described as white-ish. It is a 2016 Harslevelu, a grape called Lindenblättriger in Austria, named such for its aromatic similarity with linden blossoms which have a honeyed, floral, woodsy character. This wine undergoes 5 days fermentation on skin before it is pressed and put into vat, finishing fermentation and aging on lees. It is rich, textural with good acid and some firmness but without the tannin extraction of true 'orange wine'. It is floral, aromatic and woodsy - just like its namesake with a noticeable honeyed richness.