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2019 The Hermit Ram Zealandia Pinot Noir

2019 The Hermit Ram Zealandia Pinot Noir

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The Hermit Ram is the brainchild of winemaker Theo Coles (who makes wine for a few of the other brands we love) and are among the most intense, extreme, singular expressions of North Canterbury terroir. Theo makes three Pinot's under The Hermit Ram, Arden and Limestone Hills (single site expressions) and Zelandia which replaces the previous 'Whole Bunch' wine. Natural. 


"This wine is a readjustment in my thinking around Pinot Noir and replaces the ‘Wholebunch’ cuvée in my line up.

The ‘Zealandia’ Pinot Noir brings all the complexity and diversity of North Canterbury soils and exposures together in one harmonious expression to create a unique ‘New Zealand-ness’ in the glass.

Pinot Noir. Gravel. Basalt. Clay. Limestone. Natural fermentation. Long maceration. Amphora aged. No whole bunches."