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2021 Halcyon Days LUZ

2021 Halcyon Days LUZ

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Luz is a light, aromatic Syrah (with a splash of Pinot) from Hawkes Bay naturalists Halcyon Days.

Luz is the Spanish for “light” and the name reflects the incredible sunlight we get in Hawke’s Bay. We want to make a red wine that reflects the quality of that light and energy we are so lucky to have. The name is also a little nod to Spain, where we both made wine before coming back to New Zealand.

Luz Syrah is picked for a fresh, natural acidity and we aim to produce a lighter-bodied style of red wine. It is predominantly whole-bunch fermented and is occasionally (and gently) plunged while fermenting. After ferment and pressing, the wine spends a brief period in tank in order for it to come together. It is bottled within six-to-nine months to preserve the lush, bright fruit and freshness. We blend in a little Pinot and select from two clones of Syrah to give a little more dimension.