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ALTi Skin Soaked Pinot Gris and Zero Syrah Mix Pack

ALTi Skin Soaked Pinot Gris and Zero Syrah Mix Pack

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From Ash Ridge Winery and winemaker Lauren Swift comes ALTi, an alternative range of wines that are bright, fresh and easy to drink. Sadly the ALTi range has been discontinued in order for winemaker Lauren to concentrate on her own Swift wines so we are able to offer a six-pack of two of our favourite wines from the range for just $99! These wines usually sell for over $25 a pop! 

It contains three each of the following wines:

2019 Alti Syrah
From a sustainable vineyard (converted to organics in 2020) planted by Lauren this is a bright, juicy Bridge Pa made with 'zero' inputs (no yeast, no sulphur, no oak) other than grapes. Its bright fruited with tons of spice and a bit of reductive funk. 

2020 Skin Soaked Pinot Gris
From a vineyard in conversion to organics, this is a light, bright, extremely approachable (and drinkable) 'orange' wine. It's got lovely rich fruit with a hint of spice and a little bit of grip.