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Field (and other interesting) Blends Tasting (18 September)

Field (and other interesting) Blends Tasting (18 September)

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Tuesday 18 September - Wine Sentience Hub, Vivian Street
Doors open 6pm / Tasting commences 6.10pm

The field blend was for most of our wine history the most common winemaking technique. Grapes in a vineyard were harvested and wine was made. Simple as that. Over the last few hundred years, winemaking has become progressively more analytical and scientific and now winegrowers tend to harvest different varieties at different times to maximize flavour and ripeness as well as making wine to comply with traditional rules about what goes with what.

Today the Field Blend is a step back to a more halcyon day - varieties from the same vineyard are harvested (often at the same time) and are blended to make wines that defy classification... Are they white? Pink? Red? Orange? Sometimes all of the above. In this tasting we will be showcasing a variety of interesting left of centre wines largely (but not exclusively) blended from a single vineyards harvest.