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Georgian Wines Getting Started pack

Georgian Wines Getting Started pack

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*Please note : a rkatsiteli qvevri has replaced the kisi usually in this pack while we wait for an international delivery.*

Georgia is the world's oldest wine culture going back at least 8000 vintages. The wines are made from quite distinctive indigenous grapes  and in both European and traditional styles. These are wines deeply entwined in a culture of family, feasting and drinking wine together with good food. Our introduction pack includes a Rkatsiteli - Georgia's most common white grape - high in acid with a fresh citrus, lemon bite. It also showcases Georgia's most common red grape - the delicious Saperavi - one of the very few grapes that has black skins and black flesh. The third bottle is made from Rkatsiteli, but this has been fermented in the traditional manner in a qvevri - a large clay amphora, buried into the floor of the winery.  The white wine takes on a beautiful orange hue and the flavours of nuts, honey and dried fruit but keeps some of the acid so characteristic of rkatsiteli. Comparing with the tsinadali let's you really see what a qvevri does to a wine.

This is a great opportunity to try three very different Georgian wines  - 

Mtavruli Tsinandali

2020 Teliani Valley Saperavi

2018 Teliani Valley Glekhuri Rkatsiteli Qvevri