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Holland Road Sauvignon Blanc and Green Tea Gin 500 ml

Holland Road Sauvignon Blanc and Green Tea Gin 500 ml

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Holland Road are making nano-batch gins in their custom-made still. The process is hands on with enormous attention to detail - and particularly to the quality of the raw ingredients. These are gins where the aromatics and flavours are an integral part of the gin. Lovingly crafted and totally delicious. 

This gin is made with a sugarcane base and features a selection of traditional botanicals that are steeped for 24 hours then slowly distilled over a 8 hour period. The vapour is passed through the botanical chamber infusing the gin with freshly picked local organic green tea, a vibrant South Island sauvignon blanc and locally sourced organic ginger root.

Unanimously awarded a Double Gold Medal at the 2022 New Zealand Spirts Awards, this is a unique and complex London Dry gin. It’s balanced, fresh and has distinct notes of warm Christmas spice and verdant brightness.