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Syrah vs Shiraz Digital Tasting Kit

Syrah vs Shiraz Digital Tasting Kit

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Tasting: 6pm Tuesday 10 May and Thursday 28 May 2022

Because it's tough to meet in person at the moment we've decided to host a second awesome online tasting with a little throw back to our Classics Tasting series from 2021. In this tasting we're going to be tasting six different Syrah / Shiraz wines from around the world. There will be wines from the following iconic Syrah producing  countries: 
- New Zealand
- Australia (Traditional)
- Australia (Modern)
- France
- Chile
- South Africa

Tasting packs can be purchased as a 6 pack of wine ($200 with an average bottle price of $37.50) OR as 6x 100ml bottles ($40 + shipping) which is enough for two generous tastes of each wine. The wines will remain a secret until the tasting.